What is autorunr?

Learn how this company developed it’s identity and how it can help you automate a big part of your digital operational procedures

Story of our Company

This project started as a way to learn and hone new skills, but it turned into a huge passion for us

As a young proffesional making my way through the finance industry, I was no stranger to the frustration of inefficient work processes. The firm I worked made use of legacy technology and unoptimized solutions that made even the most routinary tasks a struggle. I could see that my colleagues felt the same way however, no one was doing anything to help alleviate those issues, and they were just spending more time fixing things manually.

I dared to look for a solution to this problem. And after countless hours of research and experimentation, I emerged with a newfound appreciation for the power of technology and a good idea. Making use of knowledge found in Youtube Tutorials and programming forum threads, I was able to develop an innovative solutions that streamlined our workflows and eliminated the need for most of the manual input using Excel Macros and simple formulas. It was an exciting development, as we were finally able to focus on the tasks that truly mattered, rather than wasting time on repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. Looking back on that first project, I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish. Even though it wasn’t the most complex of projects, I had managed to make use of certain tools to change the way work was done in my department.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had discovered my passion for automation. There was something so exciting about developing a simple solution that managed to get through the limitations imposed by the required software at work using what I had considered to be a very simple tool. I knew that there was something amazing in store for me if I learned how to use of the more complex technologies. I volunteered to participate in a project with a programmer to develop a more complex solution using Python. Completing the project in a satisfactory manner gave me enough confidence to delve into the topic alone.

That’s how I got into automation, and I discovered a whole new world. I learned Python, UiPath, Automation Anywhere… Through hard work and dedication I had managed to get in my toolset some amazing skills that could help people all around the world improve the opertational set up of their companies. That’s how Autorunr was born and our goal is to help all types of companies find the right RPA solution for their needs.

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